the story

Henry, 22 years old and recently out of college, goes to a show in Brooklyn where he sees Amalia, a solo performer he’s heard about, and is transfixed by her performance. Amalia gives him an opening, and allows him in. Weeks later, Henry pours out his heart, honestly and openly in a declaration of love that overwhelms Amalia. Faced with rejection and unable to cope with this vulnerable state, Henry disappears, not wanting to face Amalia again after what happened. When he tries to make sense of his emotions and apologize, Amalia has moved on. 

Henry is devastated and disillusioned.  He starts to spiral downward into a manic-depressive state, and begins having nightmares. His solitude and alienation push him to retreat into his own mind. He falls into a depression he can’t get out of, until he finally sees a way out: setting down his story to music.  Staging a crazed funeral for his past love, Henry throws an empty coffin into a lake and jumps in afterwards.  He eventually emerges, drenched, but determined, and makes his way through the streets of Brooklyn to the warehouse space where he first saw Amalia.  He steps onto the stage.  Now, he will sing his songs.