The Music never stops..

Our final trip to the recording studio happened earlier today, when Music Director Renate Rohlfing and Director David Paul headed (Metro) north to Yonkers, in order to rerecord some of the piano tracks for the film.  As we were shooting the NY scenes in June, we realized just how much our lead performer's Geoff understanding of the words and the music had deepened since the start of the project, and we simply had to rerecord some of his singing to reflect that -- which in turn meant that we had to rerecord the piano, as well.  Lucky for us, Oktaven Studios has an incredible Steinway concert grand piano and an even more incredible engineer/producer in Ryan Streber, who was able to graft together all kinds of things to help make Renate's beautiful piano playing sync up with Geoff's singing. POETLOVE thanks Ryan and his team for the excellent work they did for us.