Recording Our Soundtrack

Over the course of three chilly days in January and February, Music Director Renate Rohlfing and Singer/Actor Geoff Hahn completed audio recording for POETLove, laying down the first ever recording of Director, David Paul's new translation of these classic German songs by Robert Schumann and Heinrich Heine.  Our team traveled to Water Music Studios in Hoboken, NJ in order to take advantage of their state-of-the-art recording facilities. Musicians such as Blondie, Sonic Youth and Grizzly Bear used this same studio.

A true working session, we were experimenting with different words and sounds throughout the recording, in our quest to find the perfect balance between classical sound, modern urgency, and language that is both poetically beautiful and directly relatable.  While the text and the singing are obviously the primary means of communication, the piano part in Schumann's music is arguably just as important, continuing the conversation between Henry and his world when words no longer suffice.  Finding the perfect balance between the elements is a high goal -- we're excited to share the results with you soon, after editing and mixing is completed!