POETLove Casting Confirmed

POETLove is excited to announce completion of major casting, featuring Geoffrey Hahn as the film's protagonist Henry and Kerri Sohn as his love interest Amalia.

 Geoff is a singer/actor originally from Santa Barbara, CA, where director David Paul discovered him as a chorus member in David’s production of “The Rake’s Progress”.  They have since collaborated on a production of Chekhov’s “The Seagull” in New York City, where Geoff played the leading character Konstantin.  Geoff's versatility as an actor in theater and musical theater, as well as being a Juilliard-trained classical singer, makes him a perfect fit for the hybrid demands of POETLove, where he will both sing Schumann's music and play the role of Henry on screen.




Kerri Sohn comes to New York by way of Miami, where she received her education, and brings her impressive skills as an actor, sketch comic, and improviser to POETLove.  Her first collaboration with David Paul, Kerri knocked the socks off of our creative team in her audition and screen test, bringing to Amalia both strength and graceful vulnerability -- and passing the "muse" test with flying colors.  Kerri has performed extensively on stage and screen, including as an actor, movement-based performer, and comic, and we're excited to welcome her onboard the team.

 Please click here for full bios and more information about Geoff and Kerri.